From my undefined, unaccounted, untouched place in time I contain all the worlds.

. .

This transparent blood keeps

dripping like the Chinese drop onto

my stone

I’m losing it, I’m going, going…


I keep pulsating from the grave

straight into the back of your eye

your one and only

the unattained

the green, green grass in the censer

that thick in-fumation of the boundless time


Three times surrounding






I am

and will always be


on your eye-lids,

pumping your blood

in your appendix


foetus after foetus

drilling the virus out of you













push it!

Feed your liver

Give the fear

Give in

Give up



you need it

you pace it

you like it

you need me!





You find your body is at home

Soon your self will join.

The exhaustion is joy


You will sleep

The forest will grow

The grapes will ripe

You’ve only just arrived.

Breath, breath, breath



Vita supureaza viata

Transformarea se acutizeaza

Ordonarea crengilor in lada relaxeaza

Duc o existenta viteaza

Imi plac perioadele din zori

Pline de neivite culori

Boboci stand sa explodeze-n flori

Momentul perfect sa mori

Biserica mea e un turn de apa

Cand se pravaleste sangele prin el crapa

Gandul necurat si mi se-adapa

Sufletul din bucuria intrupata

ca sunt

Rasarit cu Corona

La mijlocul coroanei un cuplu de porumbei isi lasa umbrele sa alunece pe linia punctata a crengilor.

Am intrat in clubul de la ora cinci pentru a vedea rasaritul din spatele zarzarului inflorit.

Nici o frunza, doar o cascada de flori da consistenta noptii.

Confetiile mi-au astupat vederea spre cimitir.

Miros de fum ne incalzeste viitorul.

Candva zarzarul se va transforma in rasarit.

To be

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I am.

the New World

is my lymphatic system.


I am.

Blissful to be

at the perfect second, in the ideal position

to catch the droplets of life sprinkled by the galloping mane.


I am

infected I root the fields,

absorb the lakes, bore myself into the mountains

graze on the spinach, bathe in the cream of my prime hour.


I am

the beginning, fresh life, love and passions

of the kind that can’t but transform

I am fire.


I am

laughing crying, in my home,

wearing my crown, ecstatic that it’s happening, alas,

I am ready!




Cu gustul de pamant in gura, cu inteparea de gaz lacrimogen in nari si cu sovaiala celui care isi da seama ca deja s-a aruncat in hau, cer bibliotecarei cartea de pe raftul “Carti interzise de-a lungul timpului”.

Nu sunt gata, in ciuda lacrimilor care in sfarsit mi-au curs pe ultimele pagini ale cartii, pe care in  sfarsit le-am lasat sa dea expresie zbaterii prin asociere in care mi-am torturat mintea in ultimele doua saptamani, nepermitandu-mi totusi sa ma azvarl in profunzimea experientelor mele si ale tuturor viilor si mortilor, cunoscutilor si necunoscutilor din Palestina si din Israel pe care i-am ferecat departe in trecut. Ca si Dalia, Amal, probabil si Sara, mi-am ascuns vreme de zece ani durerea, furia si neputinta in scrasnetul din dinti. Durerile de cap si depresia au ajuns atat de puternice incat nu mi le puteam relaxa decat cu pastile sau fumand. Problema era cand imi trecea efectul pe la mijlocul noptii si mintea mea revenea la torturile ei: am participat, particip fara sa vreau la oroarea in continua perpetuare a chinurilor acestui neam? Un Holocaust contemporan, continuu, mut.

Durerea victimelor se coaguleaza ca niste bucati gelatinoase de sange, inchizand in opacitatea lor adevarul intamplarilor, parca pentru a-l feri de intinarea memoriei, oferind un omagiu permanent acelora retezati cu putin inainte sau putin dupa momentul prezent. Cuvintele suna atat de fade, precum si orice as putea face eu, incat continui sa nu fac nimic, si un nou tunami de manie impotriva mea si a tuturor ignorantilor de pe lume se ridica ca un zid al plangerii. Asa au castigat razboi dupa razboi, prin tactici psihologice de asediere, prin decimarea iubirii, visurilor, demnitatii si planurilor de viitor. Asa continua sa castige indepartarea nostalgica si tremuratoare a acestor stafii de care le e atat de frica, pe lesurile carora au facut sa infloreasca desertul.

E o vorba in Gaza: “Pamantul se lumineaza singur!”

Cititi *Dimineti in Jenin*!

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After the many downpours which rocked the little boat of our ignorant universe, my legs are shaking from so much counter-balancing, my hands can no longer stretch higher than my eyebrows and my eyes no longer see those lights gently dyed in nuances of old books.Still, every summer I am surprised again by the ambiguity of my feelings towards the wave of jellyfish. I am bothered by the itch of their approach, I am burned by their hugs, I loathe their appearance of mucus balls when they lie dead on the beach, I am intrigued by the stiffness of their corpses in the evening.


But at sea, oh yes, when they hide and discover themselves in the narrow stretch of sand eternally flipped by the waves, when they float with the elegance of all things white, and when they propel themselves towards the light without fear of melting their skirts, when they make horas of aquatic angels around my boat, when they live and fly and shine and flutter their charms and spasms, when they relish in their togetherness and elate in their uniqueness, how could one not love them …


The jellyfish only come by these parts of my world once a year, to die near some shore, this shore of a beautiful, ignorant and self-contained universe. Jellyfish only come here for two weeks a year, the week that just happened and the one that will start tomorrow. Like the jellyfish, my thoughts of you. Then there is this wave of tremendously thick humidity that envelops me every time a wave crashes into the amphitheater of my nights, on the beach of my sunsets.


The jellyfish, white blood cells of my years after our transformation, encourage me to wish you a beautiful birthday and three times more to come!

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Rising Sunset

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There’s no strangeness at this point. I felt the coming, I created it, I reveled in the meeting of this energy, I was wanting it and I attracted it. I’m entirely responsible. Maybe not consciously, but aren’t these accidents delicious? I love creating these kinds of accidents, increasingly aware, as I let the bliss settle into my cells.


In the Limit is the meeting point. That’s why people go there, the Limit between the ancient city and the new city, between the sea and the highway, between how we were and how we will be. There’s always a bit of cave in the light, its role is the prism effect and it’s beautiful.


The Limit is the present, the eternal perpetual present of being. The limit is presence and flight: a plane, a thought, a bird or a sunset are just modalities of its coming into manifestation. The Limit is surpassing the Limit, is the endless flow and happiness of standing above the peak, of being in the transformation. The Limit is the touch and the shiver of the familiar with a different colour, like the eternal return of the sunset is magnificently enveloping in love and passion every evening with different nuances. How delicious.


The age of agelessness has come. I have passed the Limit.


That’s why we need to master the emotional, transcendental connection, because words will never be enough to describe the Limit and the passing, that’s why we need to refine our receptors continuously, so we can grow into the understanding of what’s beyond the limit.


We are in the living edge of creation, bursting with New life and it is our daily delight to follow the flow into our path.


How delicious to walk on the sea side, in the sunset, in the limit of water, our homemost environment, on the edge of sleep, when we are so closely connected to ourselves, to each-other and to the universe. And from time to time looking around and inside, where our realities connect.


Welcome home! You were here, but only now you are beginning to see it. So am I.



SISTER = “Social Inclusion through Social Theatre for Equality in Romania”

  • KA1 Erasmus Plus project
  • Training of trainers

Location = Telega, Romania

Dates = 21st-31st August 2015

Participants = 50 from the EU, MENA

9 countries = Italy, Spain, Romania, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Serbia, Turkey and Tunis.

Aim = exploring together ways in which social theatre can become a sanitation and restructuring mechanism for social relations


DEADLINE: 5/08/2015


Social exclusion is a major problem of our time, which has replaced the “old notions” of poverty and marginalization. Social exclusion is a cause of poverty, conflict and insecurity. With this mobility we aim to improve the skills and the background of youth workers, who will be better able to identify risks and opportunities, develop themselves, and acquire additional practical tools needed to prevent and to remedy social exclusion, such as social theatre or flash mobs.

The main theme of the mobility is raising awareness of the realities and offering non-formal education tools to foster a more inclusive society through anti-discrimination youth projects with marginalised groups, against social exclusion.

Methodology: The mobility will use the non-formal and informal education methodology. Participants will be able to:

– develop their own set of skills and competences, through individual and group work, according to their needs

– develop their capacity to meet and work with new people, from different countries, backgrounds, lifestyles

– experience and improve skills of working in a multicultural team;

– improve the tolerance and the ability to constructively listen to other ideas, positions

– acquire new tools and skills to combat social exclusion

– build competences in communication

– develop ideas for new projects.

Key concepts which will be explored in our mobility will be: inclusion versus exclusion, analysing social exclusion and factors which influence it, discrimination, empowerment, youth participation versus apathy, active citizenship, local institutions and the role of NGOs,  EU and local strategies against social exclusion, attitudes towards target groups in need, taking action. Participants will learn new information, they will have space for discussion, debates, sharing and developing new tools to help them combat and surpass social exclusion efficiently.

Funding: Accommodation and meals will be provided to successful applicants. For information about travel, please see the TRAVEL Section. The fee for this project is 50€. Scholarships are available for the best participants with difficult financial situations. To apply for a scholarship explain your situation in the application form.

If you are interested in participating in this project please fill out the application form at the top of this post. For any questions contact us at:

Be super-fast in sending the application form for a chance to choose your accommodation J

BONUS: your flights will be cheaper

Photos & Details of Location:

 ‘’Theatre is a form of knowledge: it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just wait for it…’’ – Augusto Boal

Social Theatre – Building a Chance for All

13th-23rd April 2015, UK

‘’Theatre is a form of knowledge: it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it…’’ – Augusto Boal


“Social Theatre – Building a Chance for all” is KA1 Erasmus Plus project to be held in West Lexham, Norfolk, UK from the 13th-23rd of April 2015. Click here for more information.


This mobility will bring together 55 participants + 3 trainers and 4 support staff from 11 EU and neighbouring countries: UK, Turkey, Tunis, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Palestine, Serbia, Jordan, Israel and Italy.


We will be exploring together ways in which Social Theatre can become a sanitation and restructuring mechanism for social relations. Sounds exciting? Apply here before 1/03/2015

Want to gain valuable working experience with European Funding, Project Management or Logistics in a dynamic environment? INTERN with us – e-mail us max 100-word motivation and attach a short cv at

…Theatre was created to tell people the truth about society and life …


To hold on to your veil like the last handle bar in front of the abyss.

To have the confidence and peace to let go of your veil and stay dead calm.

“Now the Sirens have a still more fatal weapon than their song,

namely their silence…” Franz Kafka, 1917,  The Silence of the Sirens



No one dares to breath


no one opens their eyes more

than an eye lash, more

than the strictly necessary for the bare minimum

no one opens any opening more than the absolute necessary

light, food, thought, faeces

light, food, faeces

food, faeces



No one dares to do anything else than everyone else.

It´s not just survival, it´s the heard.


No one dares because in these times of strain, they have to appreciate the sacrifices that the fore runners and the hounds of the herd are making for them and


enjoying their lives.


Their lives are worth living.

Our lives are worth living!

It´s the lives of some of us


that are not worth living.

So they can die for our lives to be enjoyed.




see what happens if they dare!

The others know.

We all know

and nobody dares.


Silence pierces through brain.

Siren pierces through the silence.

The piercing sound sounds like a siren

piercing through the brain.

The brain is metallic and the echo of the siren will forever sound piercing a hollow metal sphere which was our brain.

It is the cage of our brain.

The metal piercing metal

and with some sparks

sounds forever in our airtight skull.






It’s a very tense silence. I walk slowly with my senses wide open. I wear one headphone just in case, to maintain my protection, my visual sign of non-involvement. If I am scared? Maybe a bit more careful and aware than if I had been in tel aviv- depending on the area, naturally.

I arrive at the station, no bars, it’s not closed but no busses. I ask a group of three men, 2 looking westerners, both sunk in their smart phones, another looking Palestinian also sunk in his. I ask in Arabic, I judge it’s wiser, more neutral in the context, had I been in Tel Aviv I would have asked in Hebrew. What a luxury to have differentiated and preferential communication at one´s disposal.

The Palestinian is watching some talk show on his phone and smoking-I smell regular tobacco and two kids are flying balloons: one reading Hope another with Tweety. A 50 year plus lady appears asks about the bus and sits on the edge making the westerners gather together. She lights up her cigarette on the border of social acceptability, with the necessary indifference. Quite vital.

After half an hour of waiting the bus arrives 4 foreigners board, all burnt from the sun, some peeling already, others just looking like crabs. I suspect two are Russians living in the Abraj. Great, they will open the bottom door for me, side smile, I will have to make conversation.
I have made a random guy cry various times during a coffee and 3 cigarettes, in East Jerusalem, just after the imaginary border (only Google Maps sometimes knows it). I learnt his life and philosophy. I supported and contradicted him on world politics and in personal affairs. It’s a normal story he said various times. It’s like this:

“I was in prison for a year and a half since I was thirteen and a half. I learnt a lot in prison. I learnt Hebrew and about the world and I read and I understood. About politics, about organization about the world. For me it was a time of growing, I was there with everyone: with hamas and fateah and normal people and with the Israelis and I understood about all of them. This can be done through the schools as well, people shouldn’t have to go to prison to learn. They said I threw stones and I was next to a bus and burnt it, I don’t know if I did it, I really really don’t know, I don’t remember, it seems such a long time ago. Since then I am on the black list and I can’t do anything. I can but always I have problems. Then I started with music and did so much. Now everyone, musicians who come to Jerusalem talk to me and I am a reference. I am very proud of what I did with this and my life. Also in Europe I went to study and did many tours and concerts. A long time ago I could have left and stayed there if I had wanted but why to do this? This is my home and where in feel connected and where I want to live.


And what happened there that tied him so strongly to this land? (And side question: is the conflict identitarian or for survival?)


I was born in the Old City of Jerusalem 34 years ago. I bought a house in Anata, now half in Jerusalem half behind the wall. When I saw it´s behind the wall, I wanted to get another house in Jerusalem. I kept that one for now, because I´m not married, but I built one more floor on top of my parents´ house. It´s nice to be with all the family. And the army came to demolish my house. 10 years I paid lawyers and trials to keep my house, and they came to demolish it. So when I see they start, I come with my brother, I say stop! It´s my house I want to demolish it! And with my brother. And we started and we demolished all of it. And in a week I got a ticket 70,000 Shekel because I didn´t demolish it the right way. So! Imagine! Just think about this anywhere in the world! And if I let them demolish it I have to pay them more to demolish it with their machines!


So then I said ok, maybe I don´t marry. And maybe I should just stick to my music and play. So we have an organization and we do concerts and tours and shows, mostly theatre and music. And we have many partners and a lot of people know us.


You tell me, do you see peace happening here?

Do you have hope?




At night there is sometimes a plane, watching hungrily over us. There´s just a blanket of cement between us. There´s just a button and a few meter-seconds. There´s just absolute trust between us.


Then you sharpen your years until silence pierces through the metallic hollow sound of the spherical cage and you start hearing the sirens across many kilometres.


I have listened so hard, that I have heard the donkey wake up.