Sonnenblume VS Floare-de-nu-ma-uita

Posted: May 12, 2006 in Uncategorized

Mai, lumea zice ca: [Madame de Rosemonde]: I’m sorry to say this but those who are most worthy of love are never made happy by it. Do you still think men love the way we do? No… men enjoy the happiness they feel. We can only enjoy the happiness we give. They are not capable of devoting themselves exclusively to one person. So to hope to be made happy by love is a certain cause of grief.” …Dar poate lumea se-nseala! Sau poate nu! And again some may think they understand but most could never even dream about percieveng at least one level of the multitude, the whole splendour that one could hardly imagine between people who are by nature and biology meant to, obliged or doomed to be together and fulfil some natural or normal duties (to themselves, friend, their natio, race..) It isn’t anything mortals may desire, it is above everything because it’s about nothing.

Un mare poet spunea intr-una din putinele sale proze: “impreuna zi si noapte si zi pana nu vom mai fi doua pana ploua si ne duce visul in noua lumi paralele cu un singur tertz ajuns inclus: noi doua… si te iubesc pana la inceput cand se implinesc de doua ori treimile AEA. Atunci cand ma stiu doar eu  privita de ochiul tau ascuns vederile universale isi vor cauta umbra stejarului, lasand soarelui nostru vad sa ne iubeasca…

Ce inseamna pentru noi temporalitatea?

Ce zvelt alergi, colb nalucind peste drum. Peste pasii tai alte naluci zboara spre apa. Plapanda, doar secunda explodeaza uneori inainte si inapoi de drum.

Cu o viata toti suntem datori.

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