Posted: August 24, 2006 in Uncategorized

What is a utopia? It’s a very nice place in Latin America, called Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico). So you think the concept of happiness, pure happiness doesn’t exist? You should only see me. My eyes, my face, my hair, my everything, my past and future are radiating happiness.

Now this is not a completely new thing. I have been enormously happy on several occasions before. But imagine: imagine 2 weeks of absolute and continuous happiness, overwhelming, everpresent, unbelievable happiness.  It take away any power of reaction, most of the times i can only approve, confirm or nodd.

I couldn’t tell what exactly it is. It’s the city, it’s the University, it’s the houses, the roads, the trees, the grass, the markets, the people, the people, oh the people!

The people! We all love latins more than any other people! But these strange little things are not only latins. The paradox is that however much you may like latins in Europe, over here you’re not very fond of them.  Not because they wouldn’t have the same genetically-transmitted adorable characteristics but because there are the indigenous (or in some only some indigenous blood) that you must adore much much more! For all the reasons that I have already told you or will do at a later stage!

Love for all and all for love!

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