El camino

Posted: August 29, 2006 in Uncategorized

My love is very angry with me today. My love acuses me that I don´t tel the whole truth about Mexico, that I don´t see the poverty, and the abandoned children, the holes in the roads, the rubbish in the street, the sadness deep down inside. My love is right, I don´t want to see this because i haven´t finished seeing the beautiful things. I am aware of everything, I know this is a reality, but why see the wrongs and not enjoy the rights? (BECAUSE YOU WON”T BE ABLE TO CORRECT THE WRONGS IF YOU DON’T ASSIMILATE THEM) How awfully true. But how about our world of sunshine and happiness?

How about our Love Generation? Yes, some people still believe that enormous words of Gary Pine “I’ve done for much love in my heart,
No-one can tear it apart”. Yes, this is a world of happiness, it all depends on how you build it from inside out. We are not born with our perceptions of this world, we are taught them or we develop them in accordance with our environment. What I am telling you right now may be a big lie, but it’s definitely the most beautiful ilusion I’ve ever had. These people, the Mexicans, are the most unbelieveable people in the world (mirabila faptura ;)). The fact that they are at the confluence of the 3 most important cultural typologies has rendered them peaceful (blajini), loving (cu dor), passionate, tumultous, religious and free.

Here they are, caught in the storm of the most arrid capitalism, lifestyles and souls, but extremely realistic (one could argue), the Americans; the hot latin blood of the Spaniards (with all the characteristics that we are all aware of) and the indigenous (what a horrid wound have the conquistadores left in their structures! –> I’ll tell about this later!). And here they are holding on to this world of absurd beauty and perfection in such a miraculous way. I’m trying to explain now the whole power of their beings in a few words…You’ll understand little by litte. (gtg)

AND OH, no no no, I didn’t mean the Americans (or what Europeans mean by Americans), but the Estadounidenses –> citizens of the United States of America. They will understand the cultural difference and correct you the first couple of times, but afterwards they almost feel offended! They all are Americans!

Feel the love generation!

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