Laughing weekend

Posted: September 3, 2006 in Uncategorized

Basically…I have loads of exams next week and tonz of hwk for which I have to work my every single part of the body to exhaustion, but yesterday I saw the conquistadores and I could despise, hate and disregard them. And a few other things, much more complex and hugely controversial! In the end that’s the role of intelligent animals: to observe and emit opinions in order to be able to act in a certain way afterwards. 

So yeah, I ate Sopa de Medula (Meadow soup) and Escamoles (Ant eggs) and Conejo (rabbit) and Lamb and other things of the sort. And loved it, but as you’ve noticed I don’t write my blog at weekends, because I’m very busy (much more so than during the week) so I won’t fully destroy the tradition!

Let me just say that I adore Mexico!

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