Welcome back!

Posted: May 29, 2007 in Uncategorized

Hmmm…long time no see. I found out today that this frase actually originates in Chinglish (Chinese English). Its creation obviously originates in the lack of linking words in Chinese (since all writing is in Kanji). Japanese on the other hand has got more linking words. Although its roots go back to the Asuka Period (532-710AC), the writing was imported from China. During the Yamato Court Period (late Asuka Period) the Hiragana Writing was invented (phonetic, representing syllables). However for more accurate meaning Kanji was kept as well.

Since I last wrote anything here…I’ve been to Mexico, Romania, England and now in Japan. Studying as hard as I want but a lot more than I believed myself capable of, enjoying, experimenting and experiencing. What else is left to the poor human beings condemned (as a species to eternal searches, yet with such an ephemeral definition of happiness…May you all become enlightened.

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