Battle Royale

Posted: May 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

Nice film…the closest thing that many of you should know is Idioteque (Radiohead)… Just that Radiohead are a bit more poetic, more concise. Of course the song is 5:09 and the film maybe 2 hours, but still it has its chunk of things imported/no taxes from Hollywood, but otherwise and for the unexperienced it’s an interesting perspective of a Japanese director (Kinji Fukasaku). It also gives a good idea of mentalities, society, problems, criticism and issues in this remote part of the world. However the guys defending it on ( saying “Japanese movies typically don’t spell things out the way American films do, and leave plenty for the audience to puzzle over and debate after the movie.: are obviously taking a bit of Japanese style input way too far. That could be truly said about other Art Cinema productions, but this remains a commercial movie. Try it, good entertainment.

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