Love and Writing

Posted: June 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

Many Latins (it would be a pleonasm to call them hot-blooded) have complained that unlike their languages (Spanish, Italian, Romanian, French, etc.), English is very poor in expressing nuances of care and love, or that the lexical field (words related to a given word) of love is very limited. Incredible how pretentious these Latins are. What would they have to say about Japanese then…

They don’t have a word for love. Incredible, but true. Aishiteru is the closest, or at least that’s how they translate “I love you!” in films, books etc, but they almost never use it outside an English context anyway, apart from extreme cases and only after marriage. But it’s still not that easy! Because I just found out today that a more realistic translation of aishiteru is desire or craving (SIC!), but remains the strongest word related to that feeling! And actually only ai (愛 in Kanji) means desire/crave, shiteru (してる)is verb and -ing suffix.

Furthermore they don’t have a word for girlfriend or boyfriend (actually neither does English…”novia”), but they use “her” (canojo) or “him” (care).

The greatest thing about my mother is that she is Romanian!!! Te iubesc!

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