Posted: June 22, 2007 in Uncategorized

I took a very brave decision today… I’ll write a novel…about 100 pages…quite a lot right? For someone as lazy as I…not lazy but rather busy: to see, to meet, to find out, to know. I wish I was offered a time loop of say…1 month in which to have nothing to do but be able to write…It wouldn’t be bad…

So what has inspired me? Nothing special, just the opportunity to acknowledge that I am capable. Obviously since some random Japanese guy (Soseki Natsume in this case) is capable of writing something of a much lesser value than what I know I could produce and be acclaimed as a national hero…But maybe that’s why he is one…because he was just an obnoxious mouse, like them all, capable of writing but lacking thinking, analytical thinking, the capacity to compare, imagination… The illness of a nation. This is why they are so incredibly Americanized and they need it to survive. Maybe it’s no great loss that they were destroyed and recreated by the Americans, there wasn’t much around here anyway. If one would cut their umbilical chord with the USA, they would float a while the leeway then if they don’t happen to find anyone else to parasite will eventually die out.

But for the language they would have been the 51st state. The Kanji writing, the base of the Japanese language is imported from China anyway, and a new type of writing has been invented for the words imported from foreign languages (mainly English). Don’t get me wrong, I am not racist, nor do I have anything against them… I just pity them. A society with no personality is not a society.

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