They are capable, don’t dare them!

Posted: June 23, 2007 in Uncategorized

My latest dream?…Last night that is… I was on a tour through Japan with my Japanese traditional dance group (Kaburyu) but also had to go back home, since it was August. But since I had lived here for quite a while and acumulated a lot of things, my dearest parents thought of… coming over to pick me up! But not in any way, but BY CAR! So they drove all the way from Romania to Japan (and obviously took the ferry over the sea!) What’s so complicated. It was mum, dad, sis and Lucian, my cousin from Sibiu (maybe because he is visiting my parents now).

So it was an early and dark evening and I told them where exactly we were (the hotel) but gave them no precise directions (my parents manage!) And when it’s about finding their daughter… No problema, comandante! They arrived, but a bit late and I was so, so happy, jumping about (n.e. a tzopai), screaming, very weird behaviour in a Japanese context, so my colleagues were looking at me very strangely! And they told me we had to leave inhalf an hour. And I still had so many things to pack. My dad had taken the “chest of drawers” (dulapul) out of the car (don’t ask why!) And I took mum’s hand to show her where I had my things and tell her what to pack.

And we ran together some 500m my mum and I holding hands (I don’t think it had happened before, unless I was very young!) A moment of such great expansion of the soul. (I believe the soul is like a sponge in moments of extreme happiness or delight is absorbs the feelings and dilates sometimes beyond the borders of its case. But that feeling of inflation, of expansion seems to extract you from the context and for a few moments plant in some other place/world where nothing bad can happen or nothing at all happens apart from this overwhelming feeling of happines. Maybe that’s heaven. En el paraíso no ocurre nunca nada. J. Sabines)

And that’s about it…then I was woken up. By the rain or the alarm or the bastard mosquito who bit my elbow…Outside rain again. And again, and again. But for some reason this is not the Ploaie in luna lui Marte sort of rain, but rather Cuando llueve y llueve sin parar (Real de Catorce). See lyrics here and here and the songs from me.

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