Entry for June 25, 2007

Posted: June 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

I don’t like peace studies… Because it has been invented by westerners and is thus fundamentally flawed. Because unlike politics, which stems in the real practice of it is purely a creation of some bright minds who couldn’t find anything better to do or couldn’t excel in any other area of knowledge or work. It doesn’t take a fine psychologist to tell what sort of people are those involved in such activities. Have a look at these pictures for instance. http://www.brad.ac.uk/acad/peace/newsletters/News41.pdf

Anyway…trying to make an ugly thing look nice, or trying to see only the part I like of this yaki soba. I did it. bad title, bad work….anyway, I’d better start to get used to the situation. It’s happened and it will happen as long as there are Japanese-like mentalities in the world. Drop me a message if you are interested in my report on “What is Peace Studies from your point of view? (Case Study on Peace in Mexico)”.

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