Posted: April 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

It’s been almost one year…Yes, I’ve been good, thank you, how about yourselves?

Seeing my profile photo today it looked like I was crying. Of course, just a strange predisposition, bound to whither away as quickly as it came, and yet, i’m young, I should be happy, happy, as I sometimes burst with happiness, a pure joy of being alive and breathing…To depressing for a first entry after 1 year…

And this happened because I found a solution to the What-the-hell-will-I-do? problem: I’ll gypsy around (aka o sa haiducesc) until I get sick of haiduceting / gypsying and then I’ll go back home and present myself at the gate of MAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and tell them to take my life and do whatever they want with it. And they offer pretty cool things in return for that, i won’t get bored, I’m sure!

But I wanna haiducate for a while…I love doing this…

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