Please, Mama, Ghana!

Posted: July 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

Last entry…only 3 months ago. I am surprised this thing still survives. But well, I can foresee a revival, actually a proper renaissance, and this because I’m going to ….Ghana, mama! (That’s a marvellous song I got yesterday from Kevin – thanks again!)

So…Yes, I’m going there to teach – again – kids – almost the same age group as last time, which was just a month ago!! And a month ago I promissed never to commit this painful mistake again and here I am, going to Africa! But, I thought to myself, kids in africa must have much more respect for education than here in the UK, surely, and then these are younger maybe they don’t know that much of this world to be too nasty. Yes, I believe in African purity of the soul. And then I also like kids, why not admit! Quite often when I see children performing (singing, dancing, acting), doing something amazing or just being bery cute I have to struggle with a couple of tears of joy making their way down my tear channel – but I usually manage to overcome the sentimental burst and Hey, you’ve got to hide your love away!!

So a bunch of about 300 kids and Mr. Martin Fritz and myself will have fun learning / teaching MUN, public speaking, a bit of IT and trying to make it as entertaining as possible. And then Martin promissed to teach me how to surf – YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE – and I so can’t wait. The utmost perfect outcome of these three bloody years in Wmin: the superlative of beach, ocean, sun, sites and monuments, different culture and language, challenges, adorable company and kids for a month and a half – ain’t I lucky!!!

This is today, though, before my second round of vaccines (God, I’m scared!!) And it’s only about 6 of them!!

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