Posted: August 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

Welcome to Ghana!! We even managed to land ok…and not only ok, but probably one of the smoothest landings I’ve experienced in ages, although we were delayed for 1 hour and 45 mins in Amsterdam: we thought the plane had been hijacked but no, actually just a woman taken ill with heart palpitations (the prospect of going to Ghana must have excited her a bit too much!!)

Besides that all good, I just thought Nigeria was uninhabited – flying and flying over hills and lakes and plains and nothing showed signs of life at all!! And flying over Ghana, only close to Accra did a few lights start to emerge here and there.

I am amazed at this country – completely and fully – and I do and always will look like a foreigner! all eyes in the street turning towards me at once! All goats running freely in the streets, people carrying the most incredible things on their heads (sacks full of clothes or shoes, stacks of photo albums, huge pans with food, everything!! – and nothing ever falls off!

The heat is just as amazing and the humidity tops it up!Not that many animals flying around (just in my room) and crawling on the floor and into my clothes, no hot / warm water in the shower no toilet (it’s either locked or not working) the house is huge but we have no host yet…\Oh well, we’ll go for a stroll and see what other adventures we meet in our way..

keep tuned, we’ll be back!

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