Almost surviving

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

Alive and going strong again. Last night I finished and sent in my dissertation again, so from now on we’ll have daily updates. I’ve been through probably the most difficult first 10 days I’ve ever had in my adventures around the world!! The first 5 days I think I survived on the food I had had in London, before coming here, European energy levels, which had me incredibly lively for this country and the way you all know me. However people around here were not used to our wanting to do so many things all the time, plan our day, by the hour (not even the minute), see, visit, go to the beach, go for drinks, go to the club, to the pub, to the museums…No, that not again!!

My first experience of museums in Ghana was my 1st day of Mama, get me outta here! When we went to the “Arts Centre” and were thrown into a market-place like area, with stalls serving also as houses, with all the necessary attire. We were lucky to be accompanied by two Ghanaian friends, who did some of the talking and filming for us. However for me it was all much too much, strange, different, and very difficult to take. Somehow all those people demanded and took a lot of energy, much more than I had myself and was capable of giving. I got out of that place completely drained, hardly able to walk or talk, not really knowing what was happening and why.

This is one of the most frustrating aspect of my obroni (white person) life here. I would have liked to buy so many things, but every time and almost everywhere I go, I am told a price inflated at least 5 times. Ghana is not all that cheap anyway (in comparison with Mexico for example!), and with their (mostly wrong) appreciation of how much I am willing to spend, they do no business: I don’t buy, they don’t sell. The 1st price I was told for a necklace (plastic or glass beads) was 50 Ghana Cedis = 50 USD = £25 = an absolute no-no. In the end the guy insisted so much and was getting so much into my soul, taking so much energy, that I had to give up and gave him 5 USD = £2.5 just to get away from it!

The good news: Martin and I have decided not to die and thus to accept our defeat in terms of local food: we simply can’t do it anymore, we were getting worse every day, so we decided to take out fate into our own hands and cook healthy, balanced, beautiful European food. Yeee. So we had salad, spaghetti, chicken and vegetable soup and eventually chicken cream (ciulama de pui 😉 ) All of these were a blessing for us, of course, despite a lot of improvisation. So now the sun is shining again on our poor existences and we are ready to take on, little by little, a few more challenges…

Ochina paa (see you tomorrow!)

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