The Revelation

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Ha! I knew it, it had to happen sooner or later. It’s always hard in the beginning, of course. It wasn’t easy in the beginning in London, Mexico, Japan, it can’t be easy in Ghana. It’s like loving a woman, you have to open your eyes, heart, all your senses and all your life to find the very tiny open door to the beautiful universe within. And this of course will not happen over night. With some women / people / countries you connect more easily and you can create a stronger and longer-lasting bond, with others it takes longer, but we don’t want one-night-stands, now, do we? (A one-night stand would be when we go to France for 3 days;) )

My revelation came through a dream, one of the clearest I’ve had in Ghana. I was here and was having a wicked party somewhere in the fields, between the ocean and the mountains (it was a plain like from Ploiesti to Breaza or from Neza to La Marqueza) and we had an enormous bonfire and were all (about 15 people) dancing around it and eating meat fried in the fire. And the following day I went to Romania for a few days to sort out some things ;). Once I finished I wanted to go back (I was aware the I had only done 10 days-1 wk of my 6 wks teaching – not only does duty scream in me even in the sleep but also my desire of going back home just to breath a different air for a few days transpires through my dreams) But only then did I realise that I needed to buy a new flight for that (it’s not like in Europe, you hop on the plane and the rest of the details you arrange later). And the flight was over 1,000 Eur – bad! But duty above anything, somehow managed to buy it, but it was very late so I had to rush to the airport and went in a very old dark car, by myself, following another newer white one (Kofi’s and Ernest’s cars respectively 😉 ) We both had to go under a huge gate, that looked like a German highway hotel and then through traffic lights and rushing got to the plane. There, instead of checking my boarding card the woman check my passport and all of a sudden I had pictures of all places I had been to stuck into it: Mexico, Japan, (an arab country where I haven’t been) and Ghana: the picture from the night before I had left. So then I though it must not have been that bad and I should go back and finish the teaching and try to have a bit more of a pro-active approach, get involved and create my adventures if they’re not already there 😉

For which reason I decided: I am not going to feel miserable and sorry for my poor self in this country. It’s true that I’ve had the same food since I came every day: rice with stew, but hey, what if I hadn’t had any rice at all. I probably have to look harder for different types of food and discover! (I love sugar cane and their mango) So then! Resolved: today I woke up at 6.30 and went to tchaaatch (aka church) listened to the story of the good Samaritan, gave 1GHC donation and danced with an elderly lady. I’m getting better at my Ghanaian dancing: I learnt a new move today: you move your arms like a chicken and your hips forward and backward. Cool. I congratulated the bride who got married to 2 men at the same time (identical clothes and – to my unexperienced eye – looking the same). She tried to conceal it, saying that one was the best man, but why feel deny such a blessing, a lot of women would be over the moon. And I was promised a present for next week too!

And then we went to the adorable beach, with enormous white waves reasonably clean sand. There everybody wanted to be my friend and I even got a love declaration :O. I rode a dinosaur horse and read politics in the sun. Then had shisha watching the waves for the rest of the day, with Ghanaian music in the background that sounds like reggaeton and lovely company – happy! I could be on that beach for the rest of my time in this country!

So now, then, it is possible, I am glad I didn’t give up the idea of feeling Ghana and hope to have positive stories everyday from now on!

Me do Ghana!!

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