Entry for August 21, 2008

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

Jesus Crist, either Ghana is a very traumatic experience or my brain is upside down. Today for the 3rd day in a row I had a head ache so I didn’t do much after the classes. We went to a nice Chinese restaurant, had some decent food and came back. And relaxing at home I found myself going through my computer, cleaning, clearing, deleting (the eternal space problem) … And ended up listening to Minna no Nihongo, the audio tracks for my Japanese textbook, which I had never listened to in Japan, but now laying on my bed, fascinated with the little stories that the same woman and same man narrate over 3 books of little daily events, I remembered each of the lessons I had learnt in class, as well as the jokes (Takeshi: Can I ride you?), the routines (Ashita wa nani ga shimasu ka? Nihongo wo benkyoushimasu 😉 ), every little step I made in understanding and, in a very strange, but truthful way, getting attached to Japan and, I’m not afraid to say, loving the little rice-eaters. With all their stereotypes, all their impenetrable wall, their impossible and eternal smile and politeness, their weird face expressions, I miss them and I love them, as much as I still don’t understand so many things. Ko Chian, Nao Chian, Takeshi Kitano Kun, Otta Chian (I saw the pics from Hokkaido today baby), Harry/Hali Kun + Sppedy Gonzales/Ghost ( I also saw the pics from the Sugar OD), Seiya, Vinh, Chai, Ayako, Nozomi, our beautiful colleagues from school, from Kaburyu, from home, other people Ive met. etc, etc

And now I lay in my bed (see pic) under the baldachin (the mosquito net) with my stomach still in pains and asking myself: how the hell did I survive Japan? Did I not want to run away, did I not want to change my flight, eat only European food or not learn the language? Did I not hate ocha and uroncha when I got there and ended up drinking only that all day at the end? It is possible, the first steps are always hard, but thats part of the beauty of all these exotic places. And here I am in another fully-fledged adventure, exactly what I wanted (Fate saying: now youve got it, deal with it!)

I can see a pattern, like the light at the end of the tunnel: the day I settle will only be in my grave (like ……….)

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