The purpose

Posted: January 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

There is purpose, of course there is, in every life, in every action. Every gesture, every look, every word is crucial, although only superior minds know it. For others, it is all a beautifully naive intuition. But of course the strive of humanity, if for knowledge, rather than intuition, it is for precision, for perfection. And, of course, intuition only works when the seeds for the background had been planted. The incidence of intuitive geniuses, who incorporated in their phenotype the knowledge of their ancestors and are capable of replicating it on an instinctive level is very small.

And if there is purpose, and only where there is purpose, there is method. And there is the constant desire of improving, perfecting the method. There have only been queens – women – bearing the weight of the British crown. That must have diminished so much their ineffable beauties, the pleasures they – and the rest of the feminine population of the island and dominions – could inflict on the men leading this world. Are they not falling in a lake of spiritual, psychologic and physical needs that only women can fish them out of? And if women have been busy with so many other things to do, is the current international situation not a reflection of the destruction of a natural purpose? The denaturalisation of man and woman alike, the crude and wron interchange of roles has proven fatal, because while women could substitute men in most of their manly jobs and duties, it is clear that men have been incapable of substituting women, by ensuringe the peace, stability and comfort of the home, family, couple which is so important in the daily toils of any human being.

Should there be need for a culprit, my head should fall first. 

  1. Mişu says:

    Attentive minds know that nothing, however apparently insignnificant, is pure chance. But even the blunt can make the discovery by, let s say, studying physics.
    Humanity strives for perfection ? Nonsense! That is only if we don t call “humanity” a very few. People strive for creature comforts & pathetic lives.
    Inherited, accumulated, ancestral knowledge manifested in one s instinct – that s a romantic, rather charming idea – I like it though I deeply distrust it.
    Man & woman can never switch roles that s a truth (which, if not understood makes emancipation movements, like feminism, so stupid)
    I fully agree with the last part.

  2. Ariadna says:

    Hahaha…i do, absolutely like your style. I meant humanity in a temporal sense, not numerically, in which case you would be right. Yes, the very few accross centuries give the trends, strivings and achievements, which will later be recognised as ‘the achievements of the XIX century’ for example, thus of humanity in that age 😉

    And then why don’t you people leave my instincts alone?! Ok call it intuition or 7 ani de-acasa which are of course not synonims but in some case I do believe there is something we take from our ancestors. To be further enquired.

  3. Mişu says:

    aveam 6 ani ntr-a-ntia. Cred că mi-a scăpat ceva 😛

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