Through the 4th and the 5th

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Thoughts
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To Sari Nusseibeh

Determined, it’s the adjective I would put to Beethoven’s music.  Evocative and melancholic, glorious and humble like the pastorate of auto-individualized sheep.  Majestically throws one into the pool of self-analysis and search of happiness, even if it is hyper conditionalised and to be delivered in a post-time, in the vacuum of age after the end of time. The motivation for submission has been improved over the centuries from salvation post-mortem (of the soul or of the memory in the future generations) to a happy life on earth (by establishing “universal peace”). And now again we have reached a vacuum of belief by the accentuated degradation of the concept of “Universal peace”, which has been rendered unfeasible. So there should be a world-wide contest to establish the next aim of salvation through which to reconsider and re-appreciate salvation – its redefinition for renewed use. An end has set over all directions of development available to the modern and post-modern thought and maybe a new dawn will start with the 5th Symphony.

The End of life is echoed so bitterly but rapidly rises from ashes again. Birth is always difficult. And heads really start following, each time a wave attempts to rise it is quickly silenced and reduced back with grand parade to the  normality equalized at a certain level for the whole humanity, by a certain invisible hand (haha, maybe of the economy?!) and skillfully kept as such until it boils too much, at once. But much education should be undertaken before then and this is another global problem and another way in which the world is, in the end homogenous by having unitary needs (natural or created equally across the population).

Who and where are those groups of people who might have resisted unification – globalization, neo-liberalism, capitalism, and many other –isms and how complete is their resistance for all existential dimensions. May they come to the front and investigate the depths of their existence their independence from the systems. May they be praised and welcomed amongst us at least for their attempts.

A bien-tot! apa

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