The horse and the rocking chair

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Thoughts, Uncategorized
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The sect of the Phoenix – the age long secret which has become unveiled, desacralized by modern media. For we all are mud and to mud we shall return. Like a pure Arab blood rising from the slime of the tide, the horse trotting me about is rising from the intoxicating roses. The stallion will forever guard the entrance to the empire of the future, and the grass blades have the choice of following the hierarchy and allow for the trotting or be grazed. There are also those who may grow roots away from the path of the gatekeeper and away from the promised land of future which he majestically guards.

The kids tricked me again. I have prepared a nice presentation, slides, stories, food for thought and only four came to watch poor Antigone. She cried again over the tomb of her brother, about the other world and about the sunshine and then they all went their ways.

And then again this man comes howling from afar, I try to lure him to see his face, to poke his eye balls and trap his tail under my rocking chair, but he keeps a respectable 1km distance and keeps howling. The night is young!

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