Flash with pieces of (dis)pair

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Poems in English
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The city at dusk

I sit myself better, with the head leant on splinters – metal with a taste of blood, of life, of past. This will be my final poem, a confession, a word extended in a million shreds, a substance so uncertain like the now, the I and everything else. Some signs in other horizons of meaning, in some dead languages, uselessly pick up from the valleys of desperation. Gathered with the hope that you could walk the last hundred meters up to the top, come back to the height of all that null sense, the only one able to satisfy now, by being absolute.

This here, there, is the fire bath, that there, here is our present perfect. The referentiality will stop having an object, objects, the sequential logic which is building our time, building us, leaves.

Leaves for a while, for some hours, leaves while you don’t realize that the despair for the nothingness is not leaving, but this time, for us it’s forever. Do you imagine the explosion of light that we will be, both of us bathing naked, beautiful in this light that sanctifies, curses, you exploding in me and me exploding.

The noise storm doesn’t pass through the flesh, don’t worry, what you hear are my last heart beats. If only I could take you out of there, but what would you do swimming in the blood of the world, it’s better if you drown in ours. A man has brought me water, you are almost dead already, I have a few seconds left to finish the poem, I told him to spare the effort, he drank it in a second. You see, this world is not worthwhile.

The angels pass.

**** For Operation Pillar of Cloud ****

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