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After the many downpours which rocked the little boat of our ignorant universe, my legs are shaking from so much counter-balancing, my hands can no longer stretch higher than my eyebrows and my eyes no longer see those lights gently dyed in nuances of old books.Still, every summer I am surprised again by the ambiguity of my feelings towards the wave of jellyfish. I am bothered by the itch of their approach, I am burned by their hugs, I loathe their appearance of mucus balls when they lie dead on the beach, I am intrigued by the stiffness of their corpses in the evening.


But at sea, oh yes, when they hide and discover themselves in the narrow stretch of sand eternally flipped by the waves, when they float with the elegance of all things white, and when they propel themselves towards the light without fear of melting their skirts, when they make horas of aquatic angels around my boat, when they live and fly and shine and flutter their charms and spasms, when they relish in their togetherness and elate in their uniqueness, how could one not love them …


The jellyfish only come by these parts of my world once a year, to die near some shore, this shore of a beautiful, ignorant and self-contained universe. Jellyfish only come here for two weeks a year, the week that just happened and the one that will start tomorrow. Like the jellyfish, my thoughts of you. Then there is this wave of tremendously thick humidity that envelops me every time a wave crashes into the amphitheater of my nights, on the beach of my sunsets.


The jellyfish, white blood cells of my years after our transformation, encourage me to wish you a beautiful birthday and three times more to come!


SISTER = “Social Inclusion through Social Theatre for Equality in Romania”

  • KA1 Erasmus Plus project
  • Training of trainers

Location = Telega, Romania

Dates = 21st-31st August 2015

Participants = 50 from the EU, MENA

9 countries = Italy, Spain, Romania, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Serbia, Turkey and Tunis.

Aim = exploring together ways in which social theatre can become a sanitation and restructuring mechanism for social relations


DEADLINE: 5/08/2015


Social exclusion is a major problem of our time, which has replaced the “old notions” of poverty and marginalization. Social exclusion is a cause of poverty, conflict and insecurity. With this mobility we aim to improve the skills and the background of youth workers, who will be better able to identify risks and opportunities, develop themselves, and acquire additional practical tools needed to prevent and to remedy social exclusion, such as social theatre or flash mobs.

The main theme of the mobility is raising awareness of the realities and offering non-formal education tools to foster a more inclusive society through anti-discrimination youth projects with marginalised groups, against social exclusion.

Methodology: The mobility will use the non-formal and informal education methodology. Participants will be able to:

– develop their own set of skills and competences, through individual and group work, according to their needs

– develop their capacity to meet and work with new people, from different countries, backgrounds, lifestyles

– experience and improve skills of working in a multicultural team;

– improve the tolerance and the ability to constructively listen to other ideas, positions

– acquire new tools and skills to combat social exclusion

– build competences in communication

– develop ideas for new projects.

Key concepts which will be explored in our mobility will be: inclusion versus exclusion, analysing social exclusion and factors which influence it, discrimination, empowerment, youth participation versus apathy, active citizenship, local institutions and the role of NGOs,  EU and local strategies against social exclusion, attitudes towards target groups in need, taking action. Participants will learn new information, they will have space for discussion, debates, sharing and developing new tools to help them combat and surpass social exclusion efficiently.

Funding: Accommodation and meals will be provided to successful applicants. For information about travel, please see the TRAVEL Section. The fee for this project is 50€. Scholarships are available for the best participants with difficult financial situations. To apply for a scholarship explain your situation in the application form.

If you are interested in participating in this project please fill out the application form at the top of this post. For any questions contact us at:

Be super-fast in sending the application form for a chance to choose your accommodation J

BONUS: your flights will be cheaper

Photos & Details of Location:

 ‘’Theatre is a form of knowledge: it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just wait for it…’’ – Augusto Boal

The tabs are quite intuitive, and really, anything goes 🙂

There comes a warmth, my baby, when I think of you

There comes a whirlpool of joy into my veins

I lift my candle-stick fingers to Heavens and bruise

Their gate of fire and waters with my verse

I had a glorious youth all around the world – I did so much

I traveled love, joy, pain and sorrow and I learned the blues

But then I looked around: new people, new places, new time

No one I knew: just you

So I gave you my wing and said: Babe, do you cruise?


Chorus: There comes a warmth, my baby, when I think of you

There comes a whirlpool of joy into my veins

I lift my candle-stick fingers to Heavens and bruise

Their gate of fire and waters with my verse

II. And we drove through the planets, walked around the sun

We made castles in the rainbow

and flew through the forest

and smiled on the terrace

and dived in the mountains

and tanned in the pig-drone

and ate in the bedroom

and tracked through the corals

and we sang the blues.

But then the day of winter came to throw us back to one

and I prayed: Oh won’t you leave us live happy, Lord, just one more day…

Chorus: There comes a warmth, my baby, when I think of you

There comes a whirlpool of joy into my veins

I lift my candle-stick fingers to Heavens and bruise

Their gate of fire and waters with my planes.


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O, that this too too solid flesh would melt
Thaw and resolve itself into a dew!
Or that the Everlasting had not fix’d
His canon ‘gainst self-slaughter! O God! God!
How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable,
Seem to me all the uses of this world!
Fie on’t! ah fie! ’tis an unweeded garden,
That grows to seed; things rank and gross in nature
Possess it merely. That it should come to this!
But two months dead: nay, not so much, not two:
So excellent a king; that was, to this,
Hyperion to a satyr; so loving to my mother
That he might not beteem the winds of heaven
Visit her face too roughly. Heaven and earth!
Must I remember? why, she would hang on him,
As if increase of appetite had grown
By what it fed on: and yet, within a month–
Let me not think on’t–Frailty, thy name is woman!–
A little month, or ere those shoes were old
With which she follow’d my poor father’s body,
Like Niobe, all tears:–why she, even she–
O, God! a beast, that wants discourse of reason,
Would have mourn’d longer–married with my uncle,
My father’s brother, but no more like my father
Than I to Hercules: within a month:
Ere yet the salt of most unrighteous tears
Had left the flushing in her galled eyes,
She married. O, most wicked speed, to post
With such dexterity to incestuous sheets!
It is not nor it cannot come to good:
But break, my heart; for I must hold my tongue.

Spoken by  Hamlet, Hamlet Act 1 Scene 2:

The sect of the Phoenix – the age long secret which has become unveiled, desacralized by modern media. For we all are mud and to mud we shall return. Like a pure Arab blood rising from the slime of the tide, the horse trotting me about is rising from the intoxicating roses. The stallion will forever guard the entrance to the empire of the future, and the grass blades have the choice of following the hierarchy and allow for the trotting or be grazed. There are also those who may grow roots away from the path of the gatekeeper and away from the promised land of future which he majestically guards.

The kids tricked me again. I have prepared a nice presentation, slides, stories, food for thought and only four came to watch poor Antigone. She cried again over the tomb of her brother, about the other world and about the sunshine and then they all went their ways.

And then again this man comes howling from afar, I try to lure him to see his face, to poke his eye balls and trap his tail under my rocking chair, but he keeps a respectable 1km distance and keeps howling. The night is young!

How many times …

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How many times have you woken up in a fishbowl, with light enough to ignite an atomic explosion pouring in through the openings of your rock cave and the sensation of limit-experience around the corner, thought you don’t know if it will be tragedy or bliss. 

 From 20th -27th July 2012 , London, UK

The main topics of the training:

Youth in Action Programme advocacy

Poetry Writing – basic types, sources of inspiration, usage of poetry today

Making and Marketing Young Literature, Making and Publicising a Literary Network

Social Inclusion Theory

The main goal of our training course “Metaphor in Action” is to improve creativity and increase knowledge, learning methods and experiences of participants, so that they will be able to use it in everyday work for youth with educational difficulties and social integration including them in active local community life.



Working language:

English – all participants must be able to actively communicate using English language

 Partners: 11 countries

Spain, Italy, UK, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Turkey

 How to Apply:

To request an application form and for any other questions please e-mail


100% for accommodation will be covered and 70% of travel cost (Apex tickets) will be reimbursed after receiving original receipts.

The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States of the European Union have agreed to establish the Youth in Action Programme, which puts into effect the legal framework to support non-formal learning activities for young people. It will run from 2007 to the end of 2013.

Find out more about it at:

Asociación Juvenil RoMadrid Cultural Club




                                                                                                     Para el 6 julio 2011                   

 la única asociación activa de jóvenes rumanos de España, se enorgullece en presentarles la Semana de la Juventud Rumana en su segunda edición con el concurso “MISS DIASPORA ESPAÑA 2011” en su quinta edición.





El propósito del los eventos y actividades es acercar a los jovenes de distintas nacionalidades con un recorrido por los pueblos de Sierra Norte, con Abrazos Gratis repartidos por las candidatas a ser La Rumana Más Guapa de España.  Se va a seleccionar y coronar a la candidata de MISS DIASPORA RUMANIA  por España, ante los medios de comunicación, presentado por celebridades, con un jurado formado por caras conocidas, famosos del momento y profesionales del medio, contando con muestras y actuaciones artísticas, un concierto de DupStep, Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop y una Dj sesión con Techno, Minimal y otros tipos de música electrónica, con el invitado especial desde Rumanía Yuffa ( Yuffa & Hardcore) – el mejor DJ de DnB del sur-este de Rumania. Todo se acabará con una batalla con agua en distintas localidades de la comunidad de Madrid y con otros concursos con premios.

El certamen de belleza MISS DIASPORA RUMANIA es  uno de los más prestigiosos a nivel internacional. Un año más y la quinta edición Miss Diaspora Rumanía en España enviará a su mejor representante a la Gran Final del concurso “Miss Diaspora Rumania 2011”, que tendrá lugar en Roma, Italia y donde estarán presentes las más hermosas e inteligentes mujeres rumanas que viven fuera de su país.


El espectáculo-concurso de Miss se desarrollará durante 2 días en los siguientes lugares: el Viernes 15 y en la Plaza del Ayuntamiento de La Cabrera y el Sábado 16 en el Castillo de El Berrueco por la mañana y en la Piscina del mismo pueblo por la tarde, haciéndose la coronación de la miss en la plaza de la Picoleta del Berrueco según horario detallado más abajo. Después del concurso de Miss habrá un concierto de DubStep, DnB y Hip-Hop de los jóvenes músicos rumanos de Madrid Lil Crinal ATD, Seke, Muguri Verzi, TiMMP  y Yuffa & Hardcore invitado especial  desde Rumania hasta la madrugada. También se organizará una feria de productos tradicionales rumanos y una batalla con agua para refrescarse.




Horarios y lugares:

Viernes  15 de julio 2011 – 13ºº – Rueda de prensaSemana de la Juventud Rumana con el certamen de belleza e inteligencia femenina Miss Diaspora – Presentación de las actividades y de las chicas del concurso a las cadenas de televisión y a los medios de comunicación, tanto las de España como de otros países que participan o participaron en el mismo certamen.

-Set de entrevistas en prensa y TV. de las candidatas con Photocall.
-Set de entrevistas en prensa y TV. de los famosos con Photocall.

Se anunciarán:
-Un primer pase en vestido de cocktail en la pasarela de la Plaza del Ayuntamiento de La Cabrera.
-Un segundo pase en traje tradicional rumano en los puentes del Parque La Dehesa de El Berrueco.
-Un tercer pase de las candidatas en bañador en la piscina de El Berrueco

–        Un cuarto pase en traje de gala en el Castillo del Berrueco.
-Imposición de bandas de las ganadoras por los patrocinadores.
-Coronación de la ganadora.
-Actuaciones musicales y DJ Session en la Plaza de la Picoleta, El Berrueco.

–        Actividades relacionadas con la semana de la juventud rumana.

 Y demás muestras artísticas que se detallan según sigue:

Miss Diáspora – Presentación del Evento:

Nombraremos y coronaremos a la ganadora  MISS DIASPORA RUMANIA  por España  ante los medios de comunicación, presentado por celebridades, con un jurado formado por caras conocidas y profesionales del medio, contando con actuaciones y los famosos del momento. El certamen de belleza MISS DIASPORA RUMANIA es  uno de los más prestigiosos a nivel internacional Un año más y va a la quinta edición Miss Diaspora Rumania en España enviará a su mejor  representante a la Gran Final de Italia /Roma donde estarán presentes las mejores y las más lindas mujeres rumanas que viven fuera de su país.

Lugar del Evento: Miss Diaspora se organiza a nivel internacional seleccionando las jóvenes rumanas más guapas residentes en diferentes países fuera de Rumanía. Este año la Asociación Juvenil RoMadrid Cultural Club organizará el Concurso Miss Diaspora en la Comunidad de Madrid, en un lugar privilegiado en la Sierra Norte. La proximidad del  Embalse del Atazar, la elegancia arquitectónica de El Berrueco y la suntuosidad de las Montañas de La Cabrera dibujan un ambiente rustico y agradable, qué integrará idóneamente la belleza de las participantes en el Concurso de Miss.


Semana de la Juventud Rumana 2011

Viernes 15 julio – La Cabrera

Lugar: Plaza del Ayuntamiento

18ºº – Muestra Artística

–        Pintura en vivo

–        Manualidades, Cerámica, Cristal y Madera

–        Exposición “Jóvenes Voluntarios Rumanos”

19ºº – Muestra Gastronómica

20ºº – Miss Diaspora – concurso de habilidades y primer desfile en vestido de Cocktail.


22ºº – Dj sesión con: Dj Salga, Dj M.A.S., Dj Coco y el invitado especial desde Rumania – DJ Yuffa.


Sábado 16 julio – El Berrueco

11ºº – Maratón “Foto sesión – la rumana más guapa” – taller FotoArtMania con 3 fotógrafos profesionales de prestigio como Andrei Zamora que invitarán al que tenga una cámara profesional a que participe haciendo un maratón  de fotografía con las rumanas más guapas de España. Lugar: el Castillo

12ºº – Miss Diaspora – Desfile en traje tradicional rumano. Lugar: El Parque de la Dehesa, El Berrueco

20ºº – Tercer desfile en bañador; Lugar: La Piscina de El Berrueco

21ºº – Concurso Miss Diaspora – Prueba de Habilidades y cultura general.

22 ºº – Cuarto desfile Miss Diaspora – Vestido de gala.

23 ºº – Cenar con una miss.

24ºº – Fallo del Jurado y Coronación de la Miss.

Concierto – “La voz Rumana en España” – En concierto: ATD, Muguri Verzi, El Peor Actor, Seke; Lugar: Plaza de la Picoleta, El Berrueco

1ºº – Dj sesión con: Dj Salga, Dj M.A.S., Dj Bogdan Badea, Dj Burebista, Dj Who e invitado especial desde Rumania a DJ Yuffa. Lugar: Plaza de la Picoleta, El Berrueco



Domingo 17 julio – La Cabrera y Madrid Capital

12ºº Batalla con agua –  en la Plaza del Ayuntamiento de La Cabrera

16ºº El barco “Rumañol” en la Batalla Naval “Vallekas puerto de Mar” – el barco saldrá desde la sede RoMadrid de Vallecas C/ Lopez Grass nº5, pasará por el Bulevar de Puente de Vallecas a las 17ºº y subirá por la C/ Arroyo del Olivar hasta el estadio de futbol Rayo Vallecano donde se hará la gran batalla.


Lunes 18 de Julio – Madrid Capital


21ºº Campeonato de dardos. Premio 50€

Lugar: Calle López Grass, No. 5, Metro Nueva Numancia, Vallecas.



Martes 19 de Julio – La Cabrera


19ºº – Recital Poético del Círculo Poético RefleXos.

Lugar: Centro Comarcal de Humanidades “Cardenal Gonzaga”

Miercoles 20 de julio – Getafe


21ºº – Concurso de Karaoke y Microfono Libre. Premio 12 horas en el estudio de grabación V.I.S. y camisetas con Rumania. Lugar: C/ Lartiga nº2 , Bar “El Pequeño CaiRo”

¡No olviden!

Viernes , 15 de julio, tendrá  lugar en  la plaza del Ayuntamiento  de La Cabrera la apertura de la Semana de la Juventud Rumana con el concurso de belleza y espiritualidad rumana Miss Diáspora 2011 en España.


Persona de contacto:

Ariadna Petri

Tel: 665 209 307



The type of project: Training Course, Action 4.3

Title of project:


From 15th to 22nd of July 2011, Madrid, Spain


RoMadrid Cultural Club

The host organization, RoMadrid Cultural Club, is a the only organization of Romanian Youth in Spain and, as far as we know, in Europe (we would be glad to be proved mistaken 😉 ). We are particularly concerned with the integration of youth with cultural inclusion problems, such as young artists – poets, musicians, plastic and experimental artists -, young immigrants or refugees, descendants from immigrant or refugee families, young people belonging to a minority (national, ethnic, sexual, religious, etc.) and in general young people with cultural inclusion problems.

RoMadrid Cultural Club is a Spanish NGO with an international membership, including Spain, Venezuela, Portugal, Great Britain, Romania, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, although the majority of our members (over 1,000) and our target group are young Romanian immigrants. The literature and suburban performing arts wings of RoMadrid comprise of Círculo Poético RefleXos, the VIS workshop (Verso, Imágen, Sonido) and TIMMP group (Teatro Interpretando Música Mediante Poesía). The main aim of these groups is support and promote young artists, by offering technical and practical support in the creation, production and promotion of their art in the public sphere through concerts, exhibitions, festivals, tours, etc. Our international membership is proof of our strife to promote creative thinking, intercultural values, dialogue and integration through art and culture.


Ariadna Petri – poet and volunteer coordinator

Nebojsa Nick Djeric – experienced Salto trainer

Other daddies invited: Alex Dica, Lil´Crinal ATD, Donnarond, Shoker – suburban performing artists


About the Project


Training Course about using suburban art as a method for promoting the integration of minorities and equal opportunities for social inclusion of young people
with cultural integration problems.

The main goal of our training course “MY (SUB)ART IS YOUR (SUPER)ART” is to improve participants’ knowledge, attitudes, competences and skills in youth work by using suburban art as a method for the promotion of equal opportunities and social inclusion of young people with cultural differences – youth with cultural inclusion problems. This educational learning programme will improve the quality of practice in youth work in a general context. Particular focus will be given to Youth in Action projects as a means of promoting suburban art as a cultural inclusion method.

Using mixed means of expression from suburban performing arts (particularly hip-hop) and non-formal educational tools, participants will be able to multiply the skills and techniques acquired during this TC in their everyday work with youth with cultural inclusion problems.

Activities comprised by this Training Course include: work on individual and group means of expression from suburban performing arts, presentations and analysis of rap poetry, music, stage techniques and creative techniques, discovering the local suburban cultural environment as a means of personal affirmation of youth with a minorities’ background and cultural integration difficulties and different performing games games.

The target group of this training course comprises all people actively involved in the work with young people with cultural difficulties – youth with cultural inclusion problems, such as young artists – poets, musicians, plastic and experimental artists -, young immigrants or refugees, descendants from immigrant or refugee families, young people belonging to a national or ethnic minority, young people with linguistic adaptation problems and in general young people with cultural inclusion problems. In other words: youth workers, youth leaders, play workers, NGO activists, school teachers, social workers.

(We would like to have participants with background in performing arts and poetry or creative writing)


  • to increase participants’ knowledge of suburban art as a tool for cultural inclusion of minorities
  • to promote inclusion as a most significant value in the work with young people with a minority background and fewer opportunities – youth with cultural integration problems.
  • to encourage minorities and culturally excluded young people with fewer opportunities to express themselves through art and to play an active role in their local communities
  • to stimulate participants to reflect on the essential characteristics of the European society and foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries

  • to contribute to the development of creative capabilities and skills in youth work using creative learning methods (performing arts techniques)

Working language:

English – all participants must be able to actively communicate using the English language.

Period of realization: From 15th to the 22nd of July 2011

Location: Madrid, Spain


Partners: All interested Youth in Action Program countries


Funding: 100% for accommodation and food will be covered and 70% of travel cost (Apex tickets) will be reimbursed after receiving original receipts.

If you are interested in becoming a partner organization in our project please send us:
Part III, Filled, Signed and Scanned by e-mail attachment at:

Do not forget: As we are applying for the 1st April deadline, be as fast as possible in sending us Part III and do not forget to send us your approximate travel costs from your home town to Madrid, Spain.

Deadline for receiving part III is 30th of March 2010.


Further Information: ,


Please contact us: RoMadrid Cultural Club
Calle Carlos Solé, No. 52, 4ºB, 28038, Madrid, Spain


Contact Person: Ariadna Petri – project manager
+34 665 209 307

Lungi triunghiuri de intuneric siroind

sa poti pluti pe apele din mine

cu pasi de dincolo de vale alergând

reflecta viata noastra acuta indoind

cum sa nu am, cum sa nu cer uitare


În fiecare noapte ma adun

si cad morţilor din mine

cu ochiul molcom, prelungit

cu rana mare, desfacand

o tainică minune.


Şi în fiecare dimineaţă albă de ger

mi se împrăştie repetitiv esenţa prin cuvinte

prin înţelesuri şi invenţii azvârlite intre creier

şi universul de posibilittăţi ciclice si irascibile

Survolând între suflet şi minte.