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Fa-te samanta, lacrima de dor; din samanta floare, din floare fecior…

Si cenusa se uda cu lacrima iubirii si se transforma in floare. Si udata cu lacrima divina, prin ploaie si din pantecul noptii se renaste fecior sub ochii lunari ai fetei. Feciorul astfel renascut rascumpara dreptatea prin niste tineri reporteri la al-jazeera:Din samanta, floare, din floare fecior….

It seems a crucial moment in time and frames, in understandings and positionings.  The world will understand a little better how it functions: a looking in the mirror exercise for the un-blind(ed).  And thine eyes are made for the seeing and thy spirit for the understanding and thy blood for the fighting. If it is to happen in the near future, it happens. Animo, heroi!