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Akko PortEver unfinished buildings, without windows or doors, a cemetery of self-contained, hallucinogenic houses. This is how we all lived, knowing our thresholds and those of humankind. Thus we hid of the sun and of the cold, of men, hoping that the right anger stretches tomorrow the spines of our children. Spring morning in the trees which we now plant in Gaza. The flowers of our instants. The res cogitans becomes fluid in the temporary differences, we don’t cross in order to be on the other side, we are fragmented in the living so that the recomposition of our great body be opened to the light. Unity in expansion, in the regaining of the branches and trunk of our land.

Spatial disintegration, temporal strain, natural conjunction of consequences in all the accords of the jazz which was closing our walnut nights in. This enjoyment in the second, in the instantaneous touch of reality is not simple mystification for lack of words, but for lack of psychological buttress versus the despair of nothingness. The god has imploded.