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Café Libertad 8 y Circulo Poetico RefleXos9.05.2011 (more…)


The type of project: Training Course, Action 4.3

Title of project:


From 15th to 22nd of July 2011, Madrid, Spain


RoMadrid Cultural Club

The host organization, RoMadrid Cultural Club, is a the only organization of Romanian Youth in Spain and, as far as we know, in Europe (we would be glad to be proved mistaken 😉 ). We are particularly concerned with the integration of youth with cultural inclusion problems, such as young artists – poets, musicians, plastic and experimental artists -, young immigrants or refugees, descendants from immigrant or refugee families, young people belonging to a minority (national, ethnic, sexual, religious, etc.) and in general young people with cultural inclusion problems.

RoMadrid Cultural Club is a Spanish NGO with an international membership, including Spain, Venezuela, Portugal, Great Britain, Romania, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, although the majority of our members (over 1,000) and our target group are young Romanian immigrants. The literature and suburban performing arts wings of RoMadrid comprise of Círculo Poético RefleXos, the VIS workshop (Verso, Imágen, Sonido) and TIMMP group (Teatro Interpretando Música Mediante Poesía). The main aim of these groups is support and promote young artists, by offering technical and practical support in the creation, production and promotion of their art in the public sphere through concerts, exhibitions, festivals, tours, etc. Our international membership is proof of our strife to promote creative thinking, intercultural values, dialogue and integration through art and culture.


Ariadna Petri – poet and volunteer coordinator

Nebojsa Nick Djeric – experienced Salto trainer

Other daddies invited: Alex Dica, Lil´Crinal ATD, Donnarond, Shoker – suburban performing artists


About the Project


Training Course about using suburban art as a method for promoting the integration of minorities and equal opportunities for social inclusion of young people
with cultural integration problems.

The main goal of our training course “MY (SUB)ART IS YOUR (SUPER)ART” is to improve participants’ knowledge, attitudes, competences and skills in youth work by using suburban art as a method for the promotion of equal opportunities and social inclusion of young people with cultural differences – youth with cultural inclusion problems. This educational learning programme will improve the quality of practice in youth work in a general context. Particular focus will be given to Youth in Action projects as a means of promoting suburban art as a cultural inclusion method.

Using mixed means of expression from suburban performing arts (particularly hip-hop) and non-formal educational tools, participants will be able to multiply the skills and techniques acquired during this TC in their everyday work with youth with cultural inclusion problems.

Activities comprised by this Training Course include: work on individual and group means of expression from suburban performing arts, presentations and analysis of rap poetry, music, stage techniques and creative techniques, discovering the local suburban cultural environment as a means of personal affirmation of youth with a minorities’ background and cultural integration difficulties and different performing games games.

The target group of this training course comprises all people actively involved in the work with young people with cultural difficulties – youth with cultural inclusion problems, such as young artists – poets, musicians, plastic and experimental artists -, young immigrants or refugees, descendants from immigrant or refugee families, young people belonging to a national or ethnic minority, young people with linguistic adaptation problems and in general young people with cultural inclusion problems. In other words: youth workers, youth leaders, play workers, NGO activists, school teachers, social workers.

(We would like to have participants with background in performing arts and poetry or creative writing)


  • to increase participants’ knowledge of suburban art as a tool for cultural inclusion of minorities
  • to promote inclusion as a most significant value in the work with young people with a minority background and fewer opportunities – youth with cultural integration problems.
  • to encourage minorities and culturally excluded young people with fewer opportunities to express themselves through art and to play an active role in their local communities
  • to stimulate participants to reflect on the essential characteristics of the European society and foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries

  • to contribute to the development of creative capabilities and skills in youth work using creative learning methods (performing arts techniques)

Working language:

English – all participants must be able to actively communicate using the English language.

Period of realization: From 15th to the 22nd of July 2011

Location: Madrid, Spain


Partners: All interested Youth in Action Program countries


Funding: 100% for accommodation and food will be covered and 70% of travel cost (Apex tickets) will be reimbursed after receiving original receipts.

If you are interested in becoming a partner organization in our project please send us:
Part III, Filled, Signed and Scanned by e-mail attachment at:

Do not forget: As we are applying for the 1st April deadline, be as fast as possible in sending us Part III and do not forget to send us your approximate travel costs from your home town to Madrid, Spain.

Deadline for receiving part III is 30th of March 2010.


Further Information: ,


Please contact us: RoMadrid Cultural Club
Calle Carlos Solé, No. 52, 4ºB, 28038, Madrid, Spain


Contact Person: Ariadna Petri – project manager
+34 665 209 307

Astazi, duminica 07 noiembrie, incepand cu ora 21.00, sunteti invitati la “Cenaclul Flacara”, o aducere aminte a poetului Adrian Paunescu. Espacio Niram, Cenaclul RefleXos si Clubul Cultural RoMadrid organizeaza omagierea marelui poet. Seara dedicata figurii lui Adrian Paunescu va reproduce admosfera Cenaclului Flacara. Va asteptam cu muzica si poezie.

Hoy, Domingo 07 noviembre, a partir de las 21.00, estáis invitados al “Cenaclul Flacara / Cenáculo la Llama”, para recordar juntos al poeta Adrian Paunescu. Espacio Niram, el Círculo Poético RefleXos y RoMadrid organizan un homenaje a la gran figura del poeta Adrian Paunescu, reproduciendo la atmósfera del Cenáculo “La Llama”. Os esperamos con música y poesía en el Espacio Niram, Calle de la Independencia, No. 2, Metro Opera.

Spunea maestrul “N-am crezut ca, de pe o strada pe alta, dintr-o curte în alta, se poate ajunge la un duplex atât de încarcat de semnificatii contrare: viata si moartea. Si, mai ales, nu mi-am închipuit ca toata aceasta absurditate se va referi la mine!”… Nu! Nu se refera la el. Atâta vreme cât ne mai atingem înca mâinile tremurânde, el, ca un val ne strabate sarutul pipait prin dovada absoluta a existentei! Atata vreme cât exista, totusi, iubirea, va exista Adrian Paunescu în fiecare litera de poem si în fiecare acord de chitara. Pe curând, nu ramas bun!

Decía el maestro “Nunca pensé que, de una calle a otra, de un patio al otro, se puede llegar a un dúplex tan lleno de significados contrarios: la vida y la muerte. Y, sobre todo, nunca pensé que esta absurdidad se iba a referir a mí.”… No, no se referiría a ud., maestro! Mientras nos tocamos las temblorosas manos, ud. como una ola nos atraviesa el beso tocado como una evidencia absoluta de la existencia. Mientras existe, todavía, el amor, Adrian Paunescu existirá en cada letra, en cada poema y en cada acorde de guitarra. ¡Hasta pronto, nunca adiós!