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Social Theatre – Building a Chance for All

13th-23rd April 2015, UK

‘’Theatre is a form of knowledge: it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it…’’ – Augusto Boal


“Social Theatre – Building a Chance for all” is KA1 Erasmus Plus project to be held in West Lexham, Norfolk, UK from the 13th-23rd of April 2015. Click here for more information.


This mobility will bring together 55 participants + 3 trainers and 4 support staff from 11 EU and neighbouring countries: UK, Turkey, Tunis, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Palestine, Serbia, Jordan, Israel and Italy.


We will be exploring together ways in which Social Theatre can become a sanitation and restructuring mechanism for social relations. Sounds exciting? Apply here before 1/03/2015

Want to gain valuable working experience with European Funding, Project Management or Logistics in a dynamic environment? INTERN with us – e-mail us max 100-word motivation and attach a short cv at

…Theatre was created to tell people the truth about society and life …


Please take your shoes off here. The wood has to feel you, you have to ask it to let you pass. You have to breathe with it, caress it, there’s no road without a bridge. Then be malleable, like a banana skin, otherwise the spears will go right through your heart when you fall. And walk slowly, if the gods wake up you don’t know what to tell them. Bend your arms a little and regulate your breath. Only step twice in each square and concentrate on nothing.

Then go in smoothly, kneeling, crawling. There’s no room for mistakes or fear. All is one and words are nothing. All the millions of stones of exact equal size sing the lost song of riders and fighters. Here the dead flower is revived in the tea and the void centre keeps levitating around its own axis. Remember you took off your shoes.